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 Perustieteiden korkeakoulu
  Tietotekniikan laitos 
  Tapio 'Tassu' Takala

Professor of Interactive Digital Media
and  Information Networks Degree Programme

Department of Computer Science   (formerly Media technology, or TML and Media)
Aalto University School of Science (formerly within TKK)

NEW!  Room: Tietotekniikan talo, B204 (2nd floor), available by appointment
Street address: Konemiehentie 2 (building #30 on the map), Espoo
Postal address: P.O. Box 15400, FI-00076 AALTO, Finland
Mobile phone: +358 50 551 3222,       Email: tapio.takala(at)aalto.fi



Väitös 26.11.2019 – Meeri Mäkäräinen, Blending and Exaggeration of Animated Facial Expressions of Emotion

Jul 2019: I moved to room B204

Väitös 9.10.2018   – Janne Laine,
From visual perception to user experience – Measurement & modeling

Job vacancy – professor of practice in Sound in Virtual Reality

Job vacancy – professor of practice in Information Networks  (ks. uutinen)

Väitös 20.10.2017   – Jussi Tarvainen, Film Mood: Assessment, Analysis, and Computational Modeling

CS Forum 19.10.2017: "Movies and meaning: from low-level features to mind reading"

Recruiting: Postdoctoral Researchers in Computer Science

Sensual Mathematics: Matemaattista taidetta Heurekassa 9.5. – 31.8.

VR Education panel

Eighth International Conference on Computational Creativity, ICCC 2017.  DL March 3.

Jan 2017: Moved to the Computer Science building (Tietotekniikan talo).

From now on (Aug 2015) back in normal business after the sabbatical.

We are now Department of Computer Science! (from 1 Jan 2015, as a merger of Depts. Media Tech, Information and CS, and CS and Eng)

Visiting speaker at eNTERFACE'13

Dept. of Media Technology has new web pages - old site no more updated.

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YLE Prisma studio 26.2.2013: "Jorma Uotinen kävelee, mitä tutkijat siitä sanovat?"
lisää tutkimuksesta
Klaus Förgerin kotisivuilla

Aino 5/2010 (s.50): Kuinka kesäloma sujui, ope?

Tutkiva juttu: Sinun silmiesi tähden (YLE Teema to 16.4. 2009 klo 20, ja la 18.4. klo 16.50)

Päiväntasaaja kysyy: Palveleeko tietotekniikka ihmistä vai päinvastoin? (YLE Puhe to 12.3.2009 klo 15)

"Ei sen tarvitse olla vaikeata" (julkishallinnon tietojärjestelmien  heikkoa toimivuutta koskeva haastattelu Helsingin Sanomissa 4.1.2009).

Research Areas

Computer graphics and interactive systems, virtual reality (VR), animation, sound synthesis, embodied interaction, computational models and simulation, creativity, social media.

Art & Magicresearch group on technology for art and entertainment [introductory presentation]

Past members:
    • Klaus Förger, doctoral student (graduated 2015)
    • Roberto Pugliese, doctoral student (graduated 2015)
    • Jussi Hakala, doctoral student (graduated 2016)
    • Tuukka Takala, doctoral student (graduated 2017)
    • Jussi Tarvainen, doctoral student (graduated 2017)
    • Minna Saariketo, visiting doctoral student
    • Meeri Mäkäräinen, doctoral student (graduated 2019)
    • Jari Kätsyri, postdoc researcher

Current projects
  • Digital Face (DIFA) – social interaction in digital environments. A project with Visual Studies Lab
  • Digital Aura – Crafting a Digital Representation of Self in the Physical World
  • Bring the Zoo to Aalto: Zoo-Computer Interaction
  • Digital Emotion Tracking at Aalto (DETA): developing a self-reflection tool
  • Multimodal aesthetics: understanding qualia and finding synaesthetic connections


Spring 2021
CS-C2000 - Ihminen havaitsijana
CS-E4200 - Emergent User interfaces

CS-E4840 - Information Visualization
CS-E4002 - Seminar on Computational Creativity

Fall 2020
TU-C9270 - Introduction to Networks (part of lectures)
DOM-E5161 - Introduction to Virtual Reality (part of lectures)

Spring 2020
CS-E4200 - Emergent User interfaces
CS-E4840 - Information Visualization
CS-E4002 - Seminar on Computational Creativity

Fall 2019
TU-C9270 - Introduction to Networks (some lectures only)

Spring 2019
CS-E4200 - Emergent User interfaces
CS-E4840 - Information Visualization
MS-E1000 - Crystal Flowers in Halls of Mirrors: Mathematics meets Art and Architecture

Fall 2018
TU-C9270 - Introduction to Networks (some lectures only)

Spring 2018
CS-E4002 - Virtual and Augmented Reality

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My graduated students

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Other Activities

Graduate schools: UCIT, HeCSE, HICT
EIT ICT Masterschool
Networks: ACM/SIGGRAPH Helsinki chapter, SIDCartes, Athene (oltermanni), Media Factory, HCI Helsinki (facebook)

Some past projects and results

  • aivoAALTO – interdisciplinary research in the Aalto university
  • Multimodally Grounded Language Technology – finding correlations of physical movement and its linguistic description
  • DIGITALIS – usability of management information systems of the university [in Finnish], see also FlowIT
  • MWI / MRConference – meetings in another space, see demo video
  • MMR – Mobile Mixed Reality, part of DIEM project in ICT-SHOK (Tekes)
  • HandsOn – Truly 3D User Interfaces for Product Design and Animation
  • UI-ART – Urban contextual information interfaces with multimodal augmented reality
  • IEEE – Interactive Embodied Emotional Experience
  • Enactive Media – narrative montage with enactive control
  • ALMA – synthetic musical instruments, also a spin-off company: Virtual Air Guitar
  • HELMA – drawing in the air
  • DIVA – virtual orchestra
  • EVE – Cave-like experimental virtual environment
  • Virtual opera – digital effects for stage performances
    • Kohtalokkaat oppitunnit, at SibaFest 2008, see here
  • Picasso – drawing in the air, interactive virtual art installation at Annantalo arts centre

Hobbies: playing piano and violin (PO), singing, badminton, diving (Kupla), gardening...


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