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T-106.810 Special course in Software Techniques: Next Generation Education (2-3 credits) L




  • The course begins on Monday, 16th of August at 9.15 in hall T3 in the Computer Science Building (Konemiehentie 2), second floor. The schedule of the course will be announced later. However, the current sketch is that there will be lectures every day in the morning between 9-12 (not necessarily 3 hours each day). In addition, practical exercise sessions will take place in some afternoons in room A123 (first floor).


  • Deadline for registration is Tuesday, August 10th. If there might be more than 25 applicants, preference will be given to postgraduate students and those who registrated early.

General information

This is a short course on the integration of dynamic, active-learning models into comprehensive web-based teaching and learning resources.

The course will be given by Professor Rocky Ross from Montana State University who has been working in the fields of algorithm animation and web-based learning environments since 1970's.

The course is directed to postgraduate and graduate students, interested in educational technology, learning environments and software visualization. Students and reseachers from any university in Finland are welcome to participate.

The course lectures are organized during the week 16th-20th of August, 2004. The assignments can be completed by the end of August.


For more information, see here.


At most 25 participants will be accepted on the course. To registrate, send email to the local coordinator, professor Lauri Malmi, email: Please, include some background information about your studies and/or research and why you are interested in the course.

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