Image Saving Toolkit for Java Images (JVG/JIS)

This is a toolkit for saving Java images in various formats (PNG, PICT, BMP, TIFF, Targa formats), which also supports reading some of these formats. It is both a class library and a collection of Java Beans at the same time. It was originally distributed from the address, but due to various circumstances this address is no longer active.

The image saving toolkit was originally distributed under the company name Faidon Oy-Ab. It was one of the 100 first Java products to be certified 100% pure Java by Sun and was therefore referenced from the main Java site at Sun for about one year. Due to lack of time it hasn't evolved since then.

Therefore, the source code is published here since 7th of February 2003 under the GNU LESSER GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. I hope that anyone who develops these libraries further would send me the updates to be integrated into the library. Even though I do not intend to further develop these libraries for the moment, I am prepared to assemble various contributions. Further development of the libraries might also be done as student exercises. Finally, I would be very happy if everyone who uses these libraries could send me some message about it, just for my personal satisfaction of knowing that people use it. The address to do all this is Thank you!

Click here to download Zipped source files.

Click here to download Zipped Javadoc.

Source files were originally compiled with Microsoft's "nmake" utility. In order to compile directly under DOS, you need to download nmake.exe and nmake.err and put them into your path (nice if someone could make a build.xml for ant, can't be a big job). After this, you go to the directory where you unzipped the source files and give the following commands to compile the whole thing and test it:

If all this goes OK, you are in business!

The original distribution pages can be accessed here. DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE E-MAIL ADDRESSES FOR FAIDON, they don't work anymore.

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