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This page offers an access to our software packages distributed on-line on the Internet. You will find the latest products and information on the upcoming ones at this address.

The JIS (Java Image Saving) package

This is a Java Bean and class library that supports saving Java AWT images in the following formats:

It is Freeware (postcardware, actually) and will so remain. More sophisticated formats are included in the JVG package (see below).

Go to the JIS page to dowload the package and to have a look at the javadoc-generated documentation. Current version: 1.1.

The JVG (Java Vector Graphics) package

This is a package that gives the possibility to record AWT drawing operations and save them onto disk. The saved files can be opened and the graphics operations replayed. The "JVG" image format is used for saving image objects as serialized Java objects.

It is also possible to read, display and convert Macintosh PICT images in the limits of the current Java AWT.

Image saving formats supported in addition to those of the JIS package are:

Supported formats for reading images are:

The current release is 1.0. Go to the JVG page to get more information.


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