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K. Oksanen, "Detection of Algorithms Using Dynamic Analysis", WODA'11 Proceedings of the Ninth International Workshop on Dynamic Analysis, Toronto.

K. Oksanen, P. Virtanen, E. Soisalon-Soininen, J. Kemppinen, "Arguments in Considering the Similarity of Algorithms in Patenting", (2011) 8:2 SCRIPTed 138.

K. Oksanen, "Searching for Selection Algorithms", Conference on Optimal Discrete Structures and Algorithms (ODSA 2006), Rostock.

K. Oksanen, L. Wirzenius, "Hedgehog, A Tiny Lisp for Embedded Applications", FOSDEM'05, Brussels.

My Licentiate's Thesis (~1MB) presents a very efficient algorithm for real-time garbage collection of a unidirectional persistent heap, index structures and a persistent programming language based on it. The Thesis has also appeared as report TKO-A36/99 in the tech report series of our laboratory. The Thesis was done in conjunction with the HiBase/HiPro-project. There is also an extended version which describes the algorithms used for a replicated version of HiBase and the algorithms used in the experimental SQL interpreter.

O. Yli-Harja, K. Oksanen, K. Egiazarian, J. Astola, "The Dedekind Problem and Perfect Shuffle", NorSig'96.

K. Oksanen, L. Malmi, "Memory Reference Locality and Periodic Relocation in Main Memory Search Trees" (~200kB), 5th Hellenic Conference on Informatics, 1995. An extended version (~290kB) has appeared as report TKO-B126 in the tech report series of our laboratory.

My Master's Thesis discusses Memory Reference Locality in Binary Search Trees and presents means to organize large structurally equivalent binary trees in memory so that search performance on average doubles in current workstations. 8+52 pages.

(Finnish:) Vuonna '92 kirjoittamani 57-sivuinen, n. 120-kiloinen, C-ohjelmointiopas näyttää paremmalta paperilla kuin putkella.

Kenneth Oksanen <>