- Development of mathematical models for infectious diseases, preventive strategies and vaccination programs


On the basis of the need of modelling infectious diseases and their prevention and the new possibilities for this, a joint research program called INFEMAT was started in 1994 as a cooperation of researchers in three disciplines: infectious diseases (National Public Health Institute, KTL), mathematics (University of Helsinki, Rolf Nevanlinna Institute, RNI) and computer science (Helsinki University of Technology, TKK). The study was funded in part by the Academy of Finland in years 1994-95. Thus far submodels of Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) disease process have been developed for the transmission of Hib bacteria in a family setting, including age and antibody responses to carriage and vaccination in young children.

The promising start has made it clear that the basic concept was sound, and that the task should not only be continued but approached with a higher level of input. This was also recommended by the international expert evaluation panel during the evaluation of KTL during 1994-95 organized by the Academy of Finland. The continuation project is part of the From Data to Knowledge (FDK) consortium.

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4 May 1997