PortTk - a portable interface for Tk


This paper describes a portable interface for Tk. If you don't know what is Tk, read the www documents about Tcl/Tk.

Porting Tk to new UI environments has been a matter of debate for a long time. Our project was to find out is it possible to make an portable interface for Tk and if it is, how it can be done. The result is a proof of the Tk's portability concept. In this document we refer to our portable interface as PortTk.

PortTk is created by Filip Karlemo (fkarlemo@snakemail.hut.fi), Ari Kiviluoma (akiviluo@snakemail.hut.fi) and Kimmo Joki-Korpela (kjk@snakemail.hut.fi) as a project course at Helsinki University of Technology. Our supervisors Pertti Kasanen, Hannu Aronsson and Sami Tikka introduced the idea of PortTk.

If you are not interested to know PortTk in detail, read only the summary and the comments. PortTk source files are available on ftp. Click here to get MS Windows version and here to get X version . The packages contain the same files, but they are packed differently. The installing instructions are here


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