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The Second Nordic Workshop on Genetic Algorithms (2NWGA)
The first call for papers
to 1.866in

University of Vaasa, Finland
19 - 25 August 1996

The second Nordic meeting on genetic algorithms and their applications is held Sun. 19. - Sun. 25. August 1996 at University of Vaasa, Finland. The program of the workshop is still open. All suggestions are welcome. Here is our suggestion of what the workshop could include: {

The presented papers will be published as a proceedings and it will be available also via anonymous ftp ( in PostScript format and in html format via WWW ( To make this happen, the authors are kindly asked to submit the papers in LaTeX-format including pictures (as .eps files). Instructions for authors are available from the above ftp directory (see the README file for further instructions).

Note: Finnish Artificial Intelligence Society (FAIS) has its Biannual meeting at Vaasa 21 - 25 August 1996 and an International Neural Network Symposium will be also held concurrently, which gives an opportunity to participate three interesting scientific meetings during one journey to Vaasa. In addition there will be popular lections for the great audience and computer, program, and book exhibition plus informal artificial happenings in (virtual) reality.


The authors are kindly invited to submit papers according to the following schedule:

Title and abstract due 29 Feb. 1996
Notification of Acceptance due 1 Apr. 1996
Final paper due 1 May 1996

E-mail submissions to: either in or .ps-files (the final paper must be in ).

Organizing committee

Chair: Jarmo T. Alander, University of Vaasa,
Conference secretary: Mrs. Nina Backlund, phone +358-61-3248 440, e-mail
Hypermedia officer: Ari Hovila, e-mail,
PhD Abhay Bulsari, Åbo Akademi,
Prof. Matti Jakobsson, University of Vaasa, and
PhD Eero Hyvönen, VTT.

Program committee (suggestion)

Jarmo T. Alander, University of Vaasa,
Georges Duponcheele, University of Bath
David E. Goldberg, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,
Kari I. Keskinen, Neste Engineering ltd,
Udo Kohlmorgen, University of Karlsruhe,
Joost N. Kok, Utrecht University,
Juha Haataja, CSC ltd,
Risto Lahdelma, University of Jyväskylä,
Henrik Hautop Lund, University of Aarhus,
Colin R. Reeves, University of Coventry,
Jon Rowe, University of Buckingham,
Sam Sandqvist, Helsinki University of Technology,
Jukka Saarinen, Tampere University of Technology,
Kaisa Sere, University of Kuopio,
Hans-Michael Voigt, Technishe Universiät der Berlin,
Jarkko Vuori, Helsinki University of Technology

For more information look: URL:

Please contact: acting prof. Jarmo T. Alander,

University of Vaasa, Production automation

P.O. Box 700, FIN-65101 Vaasa, Finland

tel. int.: +358-61-3248 444, mobile +358-950-5534 006,

e-mail: fax: 358-61-3248 467

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Jarmo Alander
Sun Oct 29 21:25:55 EET 1995