Tancred Lindholm: Presentations & Assignments

On this page I have made available presentations and assignments, which I have made during my studies. If anyone finds any of this material useful, the page has served it's purpose.

Work, which I alone is to blame for

An Overview of N-Body algorithms [pdf]
From the introduction: "Many physical phenomena directly or indirectly (when solving a discrete version of a continuous problem) involve, or can be simulated with particle systems, where each particle interacts with all other particles according to the laws of physics. Examples include the gravitational interaction among the stars in a galaxy or the Coulomb forces exerted by the atoms in a molecule. The challenge of efficiently carrying out the related calculations is generally known as the N-body problem."

This seminar presentation describes the most important algorithms used for solving the N-Body problems. I think it's actually a quite good introduction to the subject.


Setting up a Bluetooth Packet Transport Link[pdf]
Abstract: Data transmission between Bluetooth devices will be presented from a low-level perspective, in terms of the OSI ISO model the physical and link layers. The issues presented in the paper are derived from the task of setting up a packet transport mechanism between two Bluetooth devices.

The physical characteristics of the radio link are presented and Bluetooth packet types are briefly introduced. The Bluetooth term piconet is defined, and the set up and operation of a piconet, including device discovery, paging and data transmission issues, are presented. The paper ends with a short discussion.

Keywords: bluetooth, frequency hopping, piconet, packet, inquiry, paging

A Very Simple Modal Logic Theorem Prover [Documentation, .ps][Source, .zip]
A simple theorem prover and model generator for Propositional Modal Logics Implemented in Prolog. The document is unfortunately quite bug-infested, but the program code runs fine.

Keywords: Modal logics, Prolog

Fractal Island [tar.gz]
OpenGL programming project.

Screenshot of the Fractal Island

Work by groups I have participated in

RoboCup - Project Report [tar.gz]
This is a project report on Tancred Lindholm's and Mikael Johnson's project assignment for Tik-79.230 Foundations of Agent-Based Computing, Spring 1999. We decided not to implement a soccer playing agent from scratch because we wanted to program on a higher level and practice logic programming instead. After quite a few sessions testing and reviewing existing teams, we chose the RoboCup world champion in the simulator league from 1997, ATHumboldt '97 [1], and set our goal to improve the team. We wanted to beat ATH_97.

Keywords:agent, artificial intelligence, utility function, soccer

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