Gnome clickomania, or glickomania, is a simple, but dangerously addictive puzzle. The objective is to clear the board of all tiles by removing groups of identical adjacent tiles. Tiles fall downwards to fill empty gaps, and from right to left to fill empty columns. A slight variation of clickomania is known as "the same game" and it has been implemented in KDE (ksame), Gnome (gsame), and most handhelds. The most significant difference is in the scoring: in clickomania the goal is to clear the board, whereas in "same" the objective is to remove as large groups as possible.

Glickomania can be very challenging, but this implementation is designed to be relaxing: there is no clock and the user has unlimited undo and redo. Contrary to all other implementations I know of, glickomania ensures all problems presented to the player are indeed solvable.



Glickomania requires GTK 1.2 and should compile pretty easily in any reasonable UNIX. Installation proceeds with the usual ./configure with possible options, make and finally make install with sufficient rights. You can also run the stand-alone executable in src/glickomania without installing it first.


I shall make bug fix releases available as soon as possible, but otherwise the release schedule depends very much on user's feedback and feature requests. My intent is that later versions of glickomania will always be able to read the game status file ~/.glickomania produced by older versions so that already solved problems remain solved also when upgrading.

Things to do in future releases:


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