In this project we have studied the different methods of obtaining photographic-quality digital images from conserved fragments of carbonized papyri. We have tested several film materials, scanned images from film and paper copies, scanned directly from a sample, digitized CCD camera images and even tried IR imaging and X-ray photography. The various ways to produce digital images lead to different results, and there's no simple way of measuring their goodness. The measurements and tests show that the best contrast can be achieved in the near-infrared band of spectrum. Still, better spatial resolution in normal light may lead to better overall impression. A variety of digital filters and other image processing methods has been examined to enhance the images. A preliminary plan of an image archive and papyrological information collection based on hypermedia techniques is presented. This report, which is available also via www, is an example of some possibilities of such an approach.

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Antti Nurminen, 34044T, andy@cs.hut.fi